The Bambou-Assainissement®

An exclusive patented* and tested technology

 The Bambou-Assainissement® technique relies on the natural properties of bamboo and more particularly on the density of its roots and their high capacity to fix bacteria. These bacteria are able to remove polluting elements.

These properties are associated with an exceptionally high growth rate which make the plant a very effective treatment element, naturally extensible and with and unlimited lifetime.

Effluents to be treated are conveyed, after preliminary treatment, to the bamboo plantation through a collection system or a specific transport/delivery system. Effluents infiltrate naturally into the roots so the polluting elements can be removed by microorganisms (naturally present) while nourishing the plants and ensuring their growth. This guarantees the production and yield of biomass (produced by the bamboo plantation).

This technology is monitored by various French Water Agencies in the framework of treatment solutions for loaded effluents. It permits treating wastewater and contaminated soils. It takes into account the nature of pollutants (composition, density, amount, etc.), soils (acidity, permeability, porosity, etc.) but also the climate and the nature of the site where the installation must be located. These elements are very important and will determine the choice of bamboo varieties and bacterial species to be activated for a guaranteed result.

The PHYTOREM® eco-wastewater treatment plants do not produce any sludge, residual waste or odour and can adapt to all geographical areas (urban, periurban, rural, etc.), to all latitudes and to all climates.

*Patents delivered n° FR2838116/EP1492733/IL164468


Root system pattern


A comprehensive service

PHYTOREM® ensures/provides for each facility a comprehensive service, from diagnosis and detailed engineering study if necessary to the monitoring and the operation of the eco-wastewater treatment plants:


-       Analysis of the pollution

-       Selection of bamboo species adapted to the pollution to be treated, to the climate and  to the soil

-       Analysis of the soil

-       Selection of substrate and filter materials


-       Design

-       Setting up

-       Operational management

-       Provision of turnkey solutions


-       Production monitoring

-       Biomass recovery

-       Continuous improvement

-       Adaptation

The Bambou-Assainissement®


Visite M Hollande 11/04/2014 Airbus Helicopters 4

Mexico: Mr François Hollande, French President, visits the Airbus Helicopters wastewater treatment plant.

The 11th of april of 2014, the President of the French Republic, Mr. François Hollande, visited in Airbus Helicopters Queretaro, the first Mexican wastewater treatment plant using the Bambou-Assainissement® process designed by Phytorem SA.

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