PHYTOREM at the Drôme Mayors Congress (France)

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congres maire 26

PHYTOREM participated to/exhibited at the Congrès des Maires de la Drôme/ Drôme Mayors Congress (26) on 11 october 2012 in Saint-Vallier. This region is very concerned about the production of wine and the food industry, and the elected representatives (mayors) showed a great interest in the Bambou-Assainissement® technology. This technology has already been installed on three locations/sites in the Drôme region: the Delifruits company (soft drinks and juices manufacturing), the Coopérative de l’Union des jeunes viticulteurs récoltants (wine production) and the Domaine of Rémizières (wine production). Many of them are subject to “zero discharge” standards and decided to be the first to adopt this new process.

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The Bambou-Assainissement®


Visite M Hollande 11/04/2014 Airbus Helicopters 4

Mexico: Mr François Hollande, French President, visits the Airbus Helicopters wastewater treatment plant.

The 11th of april of 2014, the President of the French Republic, Mr. François Hollande, visited in Airbus Helicopters Queretaro, the first Mexican wastewater treatment plant using the Bambou-Assainissement® process designed by Phytorem SA.

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