PHYTOREM celebrates its 10th anniversary

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After many years of research, innovation and experimentation, PHYTOREM reaches its 10-year anniversary this year. A new era begins for the company, characterized by an increasing demand of companies and local authorities due to a more and more stringent regulation on wastewater treatment and soils remediation. This increasing demand is also encouraged by positive feedbacks regarding the monitoring of the eco-wastewater treatment plants that are for PHYTOREM a guarantee of reliability.

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The Bambou-Assainissement®


Visite M Hollande 11/04/2014 Airbus Helicopters 4

Mexico: Mr François Hollande, French President, visits the Airbus Helicopters wastewater treatment plant.

The 11th of april of 2014, the President of the French Republic, Mr. François Hollande, visited in Airbus Helicopters Queretaro, the first Mexican wastewater treatment plant using the Bambou-Assainissement® process designed by Phytorem SA.

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