PHYTOREM® is involved in a responsible economy approach thanks to the sustainable and profitable nature of its eco-wastewater treatment plants but also to its integrated approach, its reduced operating costs and the production of by-products that can be recycled.

It encourages short treatment processes (small eco-wastewater treatment plants in urban and peri-urban areas to avoid large collection systems), work with local companies and contributes to create jobs related with the crop of bamboo and the recovery of biomass resulting from the eco-wastewater treatment plants, etc.

The Bambou-Assainissement®


Visite M Hollande 11/04/2014 Airbus Helicopters 4

Mexico: Mr François Hollande, French President, visits the Airbus Helicopters wastewater treatment plant.

The 11th of april of 2014, the President of the French Republic, Mr. François Hollande, visited in Airbus Helicopters Queretaro, the first Mexican wastewater treatment plant using the Bambou-Assainissement® process designed by Phytorem SA.

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