PHYTOREM® targets ambitious objectives regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR). It takes into account the social and environmental impact of its activity and combines economic logic with social and eco-responsibility.

In particular, the company choose to entrust some tasks that do not require specific skills.

It also contributes, thanks to its bamboo plantations, to maintain agricultural areas for environmental purposes in the territories.

The Bambou-Assainissement®


Visite M Hollande 11/04/2014 Airbus Helicopters 4

Mexico: Mr François Hollande, French President, visits the Airbus Helicopters wastewater treatment plant.

The 11th of april of 2014, the President of the French Republic, Mr. François Hollande, visited in Airbus Helicopters Queretaro, the first Mexican wastewater treatment plant using the Bambou-Assainissement® process designed by Phytorem SA.

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